Networking, 교류협력

IWPG는 인종, 종교, 국경을 초월하여 세계 여성들과의 네트워크를 형성하고 있습니다. 세계 전/현직 대통령을 비롯하여 종교지도자, 여성단체장, 민족대표 등 각 분야의 여성지도자들이 IWPG의 자문위원과 조력자가 되어 각종 평화활동에 참여하고 있습니다. 그리고 전세계 여성NGO와의 업무협약을 통해 지구촌 곳곳에서 평화운동을 펼치고 있습니다.


  Former Prime Minister – Finland – Romania – Norway
  Prime Minister – Thailand
  Deputy Minister of Environment and Climate Change – Romania
  Head of the foreign relations department of the president’s office – Czech Republic
  Special advisor of the President – Romania
  Parliament member – Poland
  Romi – King
  Cardinal – Poland
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  Minister of Culture and Sport of Republic – Guatemala
  President – Costa Rica
  Former President – Guatemala – Nicaragua – Colombia
  Archbishop of Guatemala
  Bishop of El Salvador Anglican Church
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  Former President – The Philippines
  Archbishop Antonio Javellana Ledesma
  Cardinal Gaudencio Borbon Rosales
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  King, Queen – Uganda Toro Kingdom
  Former Prime Minister – Germany
  Former Chancellor – Austria
  Former President – Slovenia
  Former Prime Minister – Slovakia
  Former Prime Minister – Serbia
  Former Prime Minister – Spain
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  President – Uruguay
  Vice President – Peru
  Former President – Colombia
  Former President – Guatemala
  Former President – Chile
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  Suleymaniye Foundation, President of World Religious Cultures Section – Turkey

  President, Former President, Former Prime Minister – Croatia
  Former President, Former Premier – Bosnia and Herzegovina
  Former Prime Minister – Malta
  6th Secretary-General of the United Nations
  President of the Supreme Court – Montenegro
  First Lady – Montenegro
  President of the Supreme Court – Montenegro
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  Vice Chair, Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference – China
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  Queen Mother Dr. Delois Blakely – UN Representative
  Meeting with UN Women leaders
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  Meeting with Youth leaders and Religious leaders – Palace of Parliament, Romania

  Meeting with India Women leaders
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  H.E. Mr.Ban Ki-moon Secretary General of the United Nations
  Spouse of Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
  H.M. Semane Molotlegi – Queen Mother of the Royal Bafokeng Nation
  Mandla Makhanya – UNISA Principal and Vice-Chancellor
  Mogoeng Mogoeng – Chief Justice
  Bess Nkabinde – Judge in the Constitutional Court
  H.M. Leruo Molotlegi – King of the Royal Bafokeng Nation
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  Unveiling 'the Mindanao Peace Agreement Monument' - Philippines

  Maria Lourdes P.A. Sereno, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines
  ATTY.Rosario T.Setias-Reyes, first female president of the Integrated Bar of the Phillippines(IBP)
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  Ms.Jackeline Lopez de d' Aubuisson, Wife of the Santa Tecla Mayor - El salvador

  Hon. Vera Baboun, Mayor of Bethlehem - Palestine
  H.E Mahmoud Abbas, President - Palestine
  H.E. Bujar Nishani, President - Albania
  Mrs. Odeta Nishani, First Lady - Albania
  H.E. Atifetet Jahjaga, President - Kosovo
  H.E. Narinder Singh, Chairman of the UN International Law Commission - India
  Justice Dalveer Bhandari, Judge of International Court of Justice - India
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  Emmanuel "Manny" D.Pacquiao, Sarangani Congressman - The Philippines